The War of 1812 was a conflict which took place in North America, between the United States of America, First Nations and Great Britain. It involved, British and American regular soldiers, Native warriors allied to both sides, and members of State and colonial militias. Civilians often found themselves in contact with the British and American armies which in many cases left them destitute and in search of shelter due to raiding and burning. Many battles of the War of 1812 were fought in Upper and Lower Canada (now Ontario and Quebec respectively) and on the Great Lakes. Events and locations in and around Hamilton which were related to the War of 1812 include: the Battle of Stoney Creek, the British military encampment at Burlington Heights and the sinking of the Hamilton and Scourge, two merchant vessels converted to warships.

We invite you now to explore the map and links located below to learn more about the War of 1812 and the events which took place in the Hamilton area.


Hamilton Civic Museums

Encampment at Burlington Heights

Explore three panoramas depicting Burlington Heights as it would have been in 1813. You can also click on people and buildings to learn more about Burlington Heights and its role in the War of 1812.

Battle of Stoney Creek

See the battle unfold and learn about why it happened, who fought in it and its place in the wider story of the War of 1812.

Hamilton and Scourge War Ships

Explore the Hamilton and Scourge and learn about their histories and the items found on the wrecks.

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