2nd Line of Defense

The 2nd Line of defense was well underway by September of 1813. It was designed to be the final place of defense in the centre of the Burlington Heights. It could be occupied and defended effectively even if an attack occurred simultaneously from the west and east. Unlike the 1st line, the 2nd line was, according to Lieutenant Colonel Bruyeres Commander of Royal Engineers in Canada, much better sited. While the 1st line could be commanded or fired down upon in some places by an enemy who could remain under cover, the 2nd Line looked out over a landscape with little ground behind which the enemy could hide. The 2nd Line extended in a north / south direction spanning the Heights. It was refered to as the 2nd line because it was the second set of defenses built on Burlington Heights. In reality it was a completely enclosed and separate defensive position pierced twice to allow for the passage of the York Road.