Anchor 01
Anchor 02

Port-side Anchor

Hamilton and Scourge had solid iron anchors. Each vessel carried two anchors one on the right (starboard) and one on the left (port) side at the bow (or front). Each anchor was attached to a cable passing through a block or pulley. The cable was attached to the anchor at the ring. The ring is sometimes called a Jew’s harp because of it’s resemblance to a simple musical instrument. Undoubtedly some of the sailors aboard Hamilton and Scourge used Jew’s harps to accompany singing, fifing or whistling. At the base of the shaft each anchor flares outwards into hooks which have flat shovel-like extensions called flukes. In use, the flukes dig into the lakebed and hold the ship firmly. Each anchor is raised and lowered by means of cables running through pulleys in the Cat’s Head. Each anchor likely weighed several hundred pounds. Since the wood is still supporting the anchor, the hull, and the vessels in general, are probably still in very good shape.