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The stern (or back) of Hamilton as seen from the port side reveals a sloping transom with sash windows as well as a decorative star. The windows open into a private cabin on the vessel which was allotted to the Sailing Master or Captain – a position that came with rank and responsibility. For the majority of the crew, on a 66 foot long schooner such as Hamilton with 44 men aboard at the time of her sinking, private space was scarce or non-existent. Life was cramped and wet. A sailor could expect to inhabit a space no longer than his body and no wider than his shoulders. The crew was organized into watches.  A portion of the crew was at work on deck at all times and the remainder were below.

An internal survey of the Hamilton in 2009 showed that the majority of space below decks was open rather than divided into rooms. A rack of muskets and what appear to be sleeping platforms was observed; however, many of the features below decks are obscured by layers of silt.