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The hatches were used for moving men and materials from above to below decks. Gunpowder, shot (round, canister, grape), rammers, boarding pikes, cutlasses, muskets, mattresses, carpets (used like blankets), barrels of food (flour, dried peas, rice, salted beef and pork, cheese, vinegar, whisky), bread and a cook stove all had to be stored below decks. The conditions were quite crowded in the Spring and Summer of 1813  when Scourge had soldiers on board during the voyages to York, Fort George and Burlington Beach. According to Ned Myers, a crew member:

A company [of soldiers] came on board the Scourge, and they filled us chock-a-block. It came on to blow and were obliged to keep these poor fellows, cramped as we were, most of the time on deck, exposed to rain and storm.

In addition the small size of Scourge’s hatches meant that they could become easily crowded in an emergency situation. According to Ned Myers, during the violent squall that led to the sinking of Scourge, water poured through the hatches and: "the schooner was filled with the shrieks and cries of the men to leeward, who were lying jammed under the guns, shot boxes, shot and other heavy things that had gone down as the vessel fell over".