Point Cloud

One of the goals when researching the Hamilton & Scourge is to accurately map the sites. This is absolutely vital before any other kind of work takes place. The process of archaeology is essentially destructive since it requires taking the site apart by removing layers of silt, mussel coverage and artifacts. Mapping allows archaeologists to create a record of the site as found, before other work begins. Since even archaeological sites at the bottom of deep lakes change over time, mapping also helps to chart any alterations such as the increase or decrease of the occupation of mussels, movement of the hulls, the strength of planking and support timbers and the preservation of fasteners holding the ship together. The data used in the point cloud was captured by a unit developed by ASI Group Ltd and installed on an ROV controlled remotely from a surface ship. This technique maximizes data collection which helps to preserve and tell the story of the vessels in a cost effective way while minimizing the risk to human researchers, artifacts and human remains found on or near the ship.